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Roadmap To The Cloud – Initial Thoughts On The iCloud Security Breach

Hollywood iCloud Hack
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The Roadmap To The Cloud Team has a habit of viewing everything we see and hear on the news and in popular culture through the lens of, “How does this story or event effect business and our best business security and Cloud communication related practices.”

It may sound a bit odd, but The Roadmap To The Cloud team tends to view disasters from the lens of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and hoping that the businesses have strong business continuity and disaster recovery systems in place. We view in-coming calls in our personal and professional life by wondering how their Unified Communication strategy is working and how could it be improved with a Cloud based business communication solution. We get excited when a telemarker calls us because we have the opportunity to talk with them and find out more about their Mobile Enabled Workforce solution.  

So you can only imagine where our thoughts went when we first heard about the massive iCloud security breach last week. No, our thoughts didn’t go to whose naked pictures were available for anyone with a computer to view. In fact, true to form, our thoughts instantly went towards, “Wow, maybe now business owners will realize just how important it is to have their company’s data truly secured and to have a plan in place at all times to recover data and to keep it private.”

We realize that this maybe the minority thought process when hearing about naked celebrities but The Roadmap To The Crowd is always focused how we can leverage the Cloud and other technologies to help optimize our client’s data security and accessibility as well as to maximize efficiencies via communication systems.

Looks like we are not alone with at least a bit of this thinking check out this piece from Entrepreneur. 


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