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Creating internal policies around Desktop as a Service

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A Desktop as a Service solution may sound like a fantastic idea to you, especially in terms of having your people being well-equipped in the field. That being said you may have concerns over the control you maintain – both from IT and data standpoints. Here are some ways that you can ease your mind when it comes to this service: CALL TODAY: 505.899.4492 

Figure out what you want to support
Obviously there are numerous mobile devices out there with several different operating systems. Just because you have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy doesn’t mean you have to allow all of them. In fact, if you do, you’ll likely have your IT team ready to pull their hair out. Consider creating policies that dictate which models and operating system versions are acceptable – your IT team will thank you later.

Create policies on data
Do you want employees to be able to store company-owned data on their device? If it makes sense for them to have easy access to documents, spreadsheets, etc., be sure to be specific on encryption level they should use. This can range anywhere from a PIN on a mobile phone to a full disk encryption on a laptop. Consider the same restrictions on storage devices such as USB drives and flash card readers.

Create policies on loss/theft
Loss/Theft of devices unfortunately happens. Hopefully you put in place the data policies described above as a first defense. As a second defense, you may want to have your policies require that all devices being used for work purposes have remote wipe technology enabled in case the device gets hacked. Also, you may want to have your mobile employees sign the policy stating that if their device is lost, stolen, or they leave the company, they agree to have their device wiped.

Desktop as a Service can be a powerful tool in moving your company forward but, as with anything, it’s always smart to take precautions. Click here to see all the powerful features available when using this service (Link to DaaS In Depth)