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Moving a business from Albuquerque to Denver - how a solid unified communications solution saved the day.

Unified Communications
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The Roadmap To The Cloud team recently worked with a long-term client who was determined to move from Albuquerque to Denver. While the move was good for many personal reasons, the business owner was faced with significant challenges and was looking for a Cloud based business communication solution.

The primary challenges presented were directly related to the strong foundation the business enjoyed after establishing itself over the past 15 years in the Albuquerque business community.

The owners said the list keep growing with what appeared to be hard to address items when the rubber was ready to hit the road for the move. Items as simple as the fact that clients had the businesses’ number already stored their phones, the fact the business was already established and the market knew who to call when in need of their services.  And possibly most important, the staff that had been built and vetted over time operated like a well-oiled machine and the key players on the team did not want to move to Denver with the owner.

The thought of having to start over at square one for many of these points led to questions about the validity of continuing the business in the face of such a move.

This is where the custom Unified Communication solution from Allied Communication and their Roadmap To The Cloud team came into play utilizing a Cloud based solution to achieve the goals of the business.

The Roadmap To The Cloud team was able to construct a Unified Communication system that enabled the business to retain the same number without having to forward the number which would have lead to issues in terms of paying by minute and the limited call paths tied to forwarding a number.

Instead, they were able to keep the same number by the creation of a virtual telephone where the number essentially lives in the cloud.  This solution enabled the business to keep the equity the number had developed over the past 15 years and allowed the business owner to conduct business from the new location without broadcasting that they had moved.

Perhaps even more importantly, this Unified Communication solution enabled the key members of the staff to stay working for the company without having to move with the business owner to Denver. The valued team members were able to continue with the momentum they had established and the business owner didn’t have to take on the arduous tasks of interviewing and onboarding a new team while they became established in the new city. Further, since most of the staff stayed in New Mexico working from their homes, rent costs for the Denver operation were trimmed and came in under what was being paid before in Albuquerque helping the firm’s bottom line. 

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