About Roadmap to the Cloud

We're established business communication specialists dedicated to finding optimal business solutions. 

Allied Communication was founded in 2001 by two former US West employees who thought that they could do a better job of providing customer service than the big telecommunication companies.

Our experienced staff of sales representatives and project managers works with our customers, large and small, local or distant, to tailor solutions that meet their Cloud Computing, Telecommunication, and Internet Connectivity needs, with the provider that works best for them.

We are a Cloud Computing and Telecommunications broker, and are paid a commission by the providers.We do not charge our customers for any of our services. As a broker we are able to look at offerings from many different companies to find the right match for your business. As a customer, you never pay us for our services, and you never sign a contract with Allied Communication.

We use our provider relationships to ensure that you get a price that is just as good, or lower than you could get going to the provider directly. Because we work with many providers we are able to leverage competing quotes against each other to provide the best pricing for our customers.

We understand that entrusting your data to a third party is a big deal. We only work with enterprise level suppliers, many of whom are listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of Cloud providers.  These aren’t small independent companies with a server in the basement or the garage, and calling themselves Cloud providers. Our providers run state of the art data centers, with secure access, and staffed with IT and security experts to ensure the accessibility and security of your data.

These data centers are in buildings that are designed to withstand severe weather, including hurricane force winds. They are hardened facilities with ballistic-proof exteriors, including all doors and windows.  Entrances require badges or feature secure entrances with 24 hour physical security, along with camera monitoring of all door positions and badge access areas.

Fire control is a top priority in these buildings, with early warning smoke detection, clean agent fire suppression, and or dry-pipe sprinkler systems.

Most of our provider’s data centers are SSAE 16 certified  with their own NOC (Network Operation Center) as well as Battery Back-up plus stand by diesel generators with diverse 10 Gbps network backbones.  The climate control systems in these data centers ensure precise  control of temperature and humidity. HVAC units maintain the environment at a steady 72 degrees every hour, every day of the year. Humidity is strictly regulated and maintained at a consistent 45% relative humidity regardless of the outside environment.

These world class data centers cost millions of dollars to build and maintain, and are the safest possible place to secure your data.

The Telecommunication and Cloud Computing providers we work with include AT&T, Comcast, Centurylink, Evolve IP, RapidScale, Via West and many more.

Allied Communication is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Businesses We Have Helped

Roadmap To The Cloud has worked with many diverse businesses in different fields who all share the common goal of leveraging technology to make their business run more effectively and efficiently. 
In the current business environment, a distinct competitive advantage exists for those firms who are on the early adoption side of using the Cloud to help their business. Check out the scenarios below to see how a transition to the Cloud could help your business.