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Free Internet in unexpected places

Roadmap to the Cloud
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Being a part of a mobile workforce is often contingent on finding an internet connection – especially since you’re likely not at home or the office. Rather than having to make/pay for your own mobile hotspot, here are a few less frequently thought of ideas: CALL TODAY: 505.899.4492 

If you’re a frequent business traveler and have a VIP card at a certain chain of hotels, try flashing it at the front desk of the hotel in your hometown. This will likely score you the WiFi code without having to get a room.

City Parks
Looking to get a little fresh air while you do your work? Many cities across the country are instituting free WiFi in the local municipal parks. Find your favorite bench in the shade and get connected!

Coffee Shop Alternatives
This may come as a shock but, the major chain coffee shop is not your only alternative for finding internet. There are many other alternative places with free WiFi you may not have thought of such as Whole Foods, Best Buy, Laundromats, etc. Go out and do a little exploring of businesses that have a sit-down area – you never know what you may find.

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