Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce


Mobile Workforce solutions don’t have to be exclusively for your outside sales people. Here’s a look at a situation before and after the company had a Hosted Desktop Solution and Voice over IP installed:

In late 2006, Denver experienced a series of blizzards that effectively shut down the city. Every Sunday a new blizzard would come in and dump in more snow on top of the old snow. The plows could not keep up and side streets became impassible. My car was parked on a side street and was ice locked until well into January.
Our office was effectively shut down for more than a week. No one went to the office and we had no ability to work remotely. We couldn’t be reached by phone or e-mail and it cost the company an enormous amount of money.
I wound up slogging on foot to the office to finish our monthly commission run to get our subagents paid, or we would have missed our deadline. Fortunately, I lived close, because if I had not I would not have been able to get to the office.

A few years later we had another blizzard. By this point we had switched to a Hosted Desktop and Hosted VoIP solution. Everyone in the company stayed home that day, logged into their Hosted Desktop and Hosted VoIP from home, and worked as usual. 

We lost no productivity whatsoever.